Saints Supporters' Forum

Since 2012, the club has hosted a Fans’ Forum at which representatives from various supporters’ groups, together with a few unaffiliated fans, have come together to discuss and consult with the Club on various topics.

The club is looking to increase the number of supporters who attend these meetings and the demographic of those involved and whilst supporters’ groups will continue to be represented, we would like to involve a varying group of additional fans who feel they may have a beneficial contribution to make to the forum.

“We are looking to meet at least three times during each football season," said Bevereley Mayer, the club's Supporter Liason Officer, "with the possibility of additional ad-hoc meetings being called if specific topics or events are required to be discussed.

"A member of the Board of Directors will be in attendance at these meetings, the outputs of which will be made public. The supporters invited to each meeting will be determined by the topics applicants have expressed an interest in and to this end I would invite fans to submit a completed expression of interest form to me.

“A cross section of St. Johnstone supporters consulting directly with the club on topics and issues will be very beneficial for those present and for the wider Saints support in general."

There is no closing date for submitting an expression of interest. You can download an Expression of Interest Form here.

Supporters are reminded that they may contact the SLO at any time by emailing or Tweeting @SJFC_SLO