John Dunbar wins Saints Lotto

Saints fan John Dunbar, pictured here receiving his cheque from Brian Easton, scooped the £16,500 jackpot!

John had only being playing the Saints Lotto for four weeks when he received the call that he'd won the big jackpot, saying: "I still can't believe I've actually won it! I found out after picking up my daughter from the childminder and I just feel so very lucky and extremely grateful."

"The line of numbers that won were totally random, it was my other lines which had specific numbers. I didn't think I could love Saints anymore than I do but I have 16,500 more reasons too now!"

When asked what he was going to spend his winnings on, he replied: "I'm planning on spending it on treating the kids and looking to use some of it towards a deposit on a house. But first I'm going to celebrate by having a massive day out in Edinburgh for the final game of the season!"