Speaking ahead of Saturday’s match at Celtic Park, Saints goalkeeper Alan Mannus was interviewed for the club audioBoom channel on Thursday morning.

On the Celtic match, the Canadian-born Northern Irish international said, “Obviously it’s going to be a very tough game for us, being the team that they are and coming off a really good win the other night against Hamilton and scoring so many goals.

“But there’s been times we’ve gone there before and managed to keep them from making too many chances and we’ve managed to create a couple of chances and get a goal out of it, so hopefully we can do that again.”

This week there’s again been talks between Scottish clubs at Hampden about possibly expanding the Scottish Premiership, something Mannus agrees with if the fans would back such a move.

“I think ultimately it comes down to what supporters of every team in the league think is best, because there’s no point in changing it and then supporters to be less happy about it. So, whatever is best in terms of more supporters going to the games.

“From my point of view, I think it would be good to have more teams and you have enough teams to do that with, like teams in the Championship like Rangers, Hibs, Falkirk and other teams there. I think it would be worth it to try.

“It can be good going to different grounds. Like last year when we played away to Queen of the South, and the year before we played away to Raith Rovers in the cup, so if you had those types of games in the league it would be good as well.”

“It would be good to try it out (expanding the Scottish Premiership), and see how having more teams worked out just to see. You won’t know until you try, I guess.”

You can listen to the full interview with Alan on the link below:

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