John Dunbar wins Saints Lotto

Karen Jenkins wins Saints Lotto

Karen's had her winning permanent numbers on as a standing order since the Saints Lotto began over 19 years ago and the winning numbers include her parents’ birthdays. She also has another permanent lotto ticket on through an agent (The Muirton Sweeties) which has won her two runner up cheques for matching 3 numbers.

Linzi Bannerman wins Saints Lotto

Linzi Bannerman won £8,000 on the Super Saints Lotto at the end of January! Linzi bought her £1 ticket from Lauren Fotheringham at the Dalmore Inn in Blairgowrie.

Peter and Raymond win Saints Lotto

Annie McKenzie wins Saints Lotto

Annie and her friends meet for lunch every Thursday and all used to buy a national lottery ticket together at the same time, however when that went up in price in £2 they all decided to buy a £1 Super Saints Lotto ticket instead! She is also a local charity fundraiser and was actually out collecting for charity when Beverley from Saints Lotto tried to call to let her know she had won!

Brendan Burns wins Saints Lotto

Long-time Saints fan Brendan Burns was lucky enough to win £8,000 in the Lotto in January 2012 and it was a double celebration for the Burns family as his Lotto agent was brother Steven!

Richard Buist wins Saints Lotto

Richard Buist won big in May 2011 when he was the jackpot winner of £18,000!

Stephen Carmichael wins Saints Lotto

The end of April 2010 brought two winners of the £10,000 jackpot, each receiving £5,000. Stephen Carmichael was one of thwe winners and is seen collecting his cheque from Lotto Administrator Peter Livingston.

Two share £10k pot

John Currie was the other winner of the £10,000 jackpot in April 2010 and he is seen here receiving the cheque for his share from Saints midfielder Jody Morris and Lotto Administrator Peter Livingston.

Bria Gray win Saints Lotto

There was another big winner on the Super Saints Weekly Lotto this week – Brian Gray is seen here picking up his cheque for £3,500 from Lotto Administrator Peter Livingston. Brian is the FIFTH lucky player to have picked up a cheque since 30th December and there have been three winners of £5,000 and one winner of £8,000 – that’s a total of £26,500 won in under three months!